Clever Nursery Storage Hacks

Clever Nursery Storage Hacks

That first day, bringing baby home from the hospital is a blissfully happy blur. Over the next few weeks, it's almost as though time stands still. Between feeds, nappy changes and grabbing small amounts of sleep, you'll get through those days in a haze. After a few weeks, life starts to settle down. You're finding a routine, adjusting to a new reality, and suddenly realising how much stuff you seem to have accumulated. Babies have an amazing ability to fill a house, despite their small size. And as they grow, so will their piles of belongings. You need nursery organisation hacks to get things on track. Otherwise, you'll soon be drowning in teething toys and muslin blankets. Here are some nursery storage ideas to help you to clear the clutter:

How do you organise a small nursery?

Don't worry if your nursery's a little on the small side. Many modern bedrooms are! Maximise every inch of space with shelves for your walls, like the Silver Cross wall shelf that includes pegs for tiny little jackets. Where floor space is limited, you'll be amazed how much extra room you can create by storing items on shelves. One of the biggest issues you'll face will be a tsunami of cuddly toys. People love giving stuffed bears and soft dolls to babies, and they'll soon take over the room. If you want a neat way to store them, you can fix wicker baskets at an angle on your wall or keep teddies together in a room tidy.

How do you store baby items?

Though it feels like they're taking over today, your little one will outgrow their baby items quicker than you might imagine. So, it makes sense to invest in adaptable nursery storage that will grow and change with your child. See if you have space for a changing unit, which can make it easy to store all of those nappy changing essentials like wipes, creams and emergency spare clothes. A changing table is one of the best nappy storage ideas. And, once you no longer need to lie your little one on top, it can become a functional space with room for a clock, a lamp and a beautiful framed photograph or two. Very small children don't need large numbers of toys, so feel free to store these away during your baby's first year. A bookshelf with some bedtime stories, and perhaps a sleep aid like the ever-popular Ewan the Dream Sheep, should provide all that your little one needs for restful sleep as an infant.

What do you put in changing table drawers?

Changing tables are popular for two reasons. The first reason is that they remove the need to sit or crouch on the floor, which is essential when you could be changing ten nappies a day. The second is that they're one of the best nursery storage ideas, with drawers for important items. Most people use their changing table drawers for nappies, nappy bags, clothes and muslin squares, creams and important first aid items. Here's where all of your practical baby items go! Don't forget a few spare items of clothing within arm's reach for an emergency - you'll appreciate those when your baby is teething. You can organise your drawers more effectively by adding drawer dividers. These allow you to store multiple types of items within one drawer, without mixing them all together. Put tiny baby socks on one side and blankets in a separate compartment, or have a drawer with separate spaces for nappies and nappy rash creams.

How do I set up a small baby nursery?

When you've got a very small baby and a space that's not much bigger, you have to be very creative. If any of your nursery furniture is raised off the floor, what can you store underneath it? Even your baby's bassinet can provide extra storage. The Purflo Purair Breathable Bassinet looks modern and stylish, is comfortable for baby and even includes a small storage net shelf underneath. Use bassinet storage space for blankets and Grobags, keeping them close for bedtime.

How do I maximise space in a small nursery?

As well as making use of wall space, using shelves and pegs, you can't go wrong with a solid toy box. For older children, add a cushion or two on top to create a cosy reading bench. You'll be amazed how easy it is to use nursery storage furniture in a wide variety of ways, making it last from the newborn weeks and months right through to starting school and beyond. All it takes is a little creativity, some high-quality baby storage ideas for small spaces, and some nursery organisation hacks that are easy to put into action. Shop nursery storage and furniture at Direct4Baby, for every moment of those beautiful early years.