Best baby sleepsuits and bedding 2022

Best baby sleepsuits and bedding 2022

Where children are concerned, there’s no such thing as a good night’s sleep. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to increase the chances of your little one drifting off peacefully.

From baby sleepsuits to cot bedding and beyond, knowing a thing or two about baby products that are designed to help your little one rest peacefully is the secret to nailing a nighttime routine.

While sleepsuits and cot bedding may seem like two straightforward purchases, there’s often a surprising amount of options to consider when it comes to deciding on these key sleeping essentials. So, whether you’re an expectant parent preparing for the arrival of your little one, or you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift for a loved one, we’ve rounded up the best baby sleepsuits and bedding for 2022.

Best Baby Sleepsuits 2022


Perfect for wriggly little legs, the baby sleepsuit is often hailed by parents for their ability to stay put through the night. Working to regulate your little one’s temperature and to keep them in a safe position as they sleep, the baby sleepsuit is a must-have item for parents and parents-to-be.

Before we share our baby sleepsuit recommendations for 2022, below, we shine light on some of the frequently asked questions about sleepsuits, to help parents decide whether or not a baby sleepsuit is right for their child.

What's the difference between a babygrow and sleepsuit?


The only notable difference between a sleepsuit and babygrow is the design. Babygrows, or baby suits, are often more simplistic. Similar to a baby vest, babygrows are often worn underneath clothing and either have short or no sleeves at all. Whereas sleepsuits are typically a one-piece sleepsuit, with long arms and legs with built in feet.

Do bodysuits go under sleepsuits?


The short answer is - yes, a body suit is often recommended to be worn underneath a sleepsuit throughout Spring, Autumn and Winter. While wearing a bodysuit under a sleepsuit provides an additional layer of warmth through milder months, wearing a bodysuit under a sleepsuit also helps to contain any nighttime accidents.

However, this ultimately depends on the TOG preference of your little one’s sleepsuit, as a higher tog may eliminate the need for additional clothes underneath.

The Purflo Swaddle to Sleep 2.5tog All Seasons (0-4 months)

Fusing the best qualities of both a sleepsuit and swaddle, the Purflo Swaddle Sleepsuit offers parents a safer, healthier solution to bedding for newborns and infants.

Suitable for use right from birth up to the age of four months, the Purflo Swaddle sleepsuit grows with babies thanks to a clever built-in extension which is certified ‘hip-healthy’. Longer lasting, safe and completely comfortable, this baby sleepsuits unique design offers additional ventilation and increased airflow to keep your little one comfortable through the night.

Combining the best qualities of a baby swaddle, the Purflo Swaddle to Sleep sleepsuit gives parents the option to either swaddle your child by tucking arms away as they sleep, or let baby’s arms out for a traditional sleepsuit approach.

Love To Dream 50/50 Sleepsuit in 2.5 Tog (6-9 months)

The Love to Dream sleepsuit is a 50/50 transition suit that features a snuggly soft bamboo base, giving your baby plenty of comfort and warmth throughout the colder months.

Aiming to help transition your little one from a swaddle to a sleepsuit, this innovative sleepsuit features a number of adaptable features that makes sleeping arms-free a breeze.

A sleep suit, playsuit, travel suit and swaddle-up suit, this exceptionally comfortable baby suit offers your child a safe place to snooze wherever you may be. Better yet, the 2-in-1 feet pads with built-in grip ensure your little one is free to walk, roam, snooze and play at home and beyond.

Best Cot Bedding 2022


Snuz Bedside Crib Bedding Set

Featuring one reversible blanket and two 100% cotton crib sheets, this baby bedding bundle from Snuz provides parents everything they need to let little one’s drift off peacefully.

Perfect for parents who prefer traditional baby blankets over a sleepsuit or sleeping bag, this baby bedding starter pack offers a cosy and breathable sleeping environment for your baby. Each made from 100% organic cotton jersey, the light and breathable design helps to regulate your little one’s body temperature, keeping them cosy through the winter and comfortable in warmer months.

Better yet, the Snuz Bedside Crib pack is designed to fit all beside and side-sleeping cribs, as well as the popular SnuzPod - to allow for versatility however you choose to put your baby to sleep.

The Little Green Sheep Waterproof Mattress Protector


Safeguard your little one’s mattress with a helping hand from The Little Green Sheep. Waterproof, organic and kinder to the planet, no cot bedding guide would be complete without a waterproof mattress protector. Giving parents the reassurance that their little one is protected from any nighttime accidents, The Little Green Sheep mattress protector is super absorbent for baby’s comfort. Working to also provide an additional barrier against dust mites, this versatile mattress protector offers a Oeko-Tex Class 1 waterproof membrane, to help keep your baby’s mattress clean and dry.

Better yet, this mattress protector is also machine washable and tumble-dryer safe, so you can be sure this long-lasting mattress will keep your baby comfortable for years to come. Using only 100% organically grown cotton that is free of pesticides and herbicides, the Little Green Sheep mattress protector creates a comfy, soft, natural support for your baby.

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