Best Baby Changing Bags 2022

Best Baby Changing Bags 2022

When you’re out and about with your little one, changing bags are an essential item that allow you to store all your baby’s changing and feeding accessories in one, convenient place. Removing the need to search through multiple bags or use your handbag as an alternative, a changing bag is a great product to invest in.

Although it might seem like just another item to add to your long list of baby products, it’s important to invest in a high quality, practical changing bag, because without one, you could end up forgetting essential items that may be of need when you least expect them to be, such as spare nappies, baby wipes or even a change of clothes. And, as a result, this could add extra, unnecessary stress to your day.

We understand that choosing the right changing bag can be a challenge, especially with the wide range available on today’s market. And, when looking for the right changing bag for you, you’ll likely need to evaluate which bag will best suit your lifestyle, while considering if it will have enough space and pockets to store all the essentials you need. But, don’t worry, at Direct4Baby, our years of experience as one of the leading baby retailers in the UK mean our experts know a thing or two about what to look out for when buying a changing bag.

In this blog, we’ll highlight and compare the main features of each baby changing bag and backpack, along with size, suitability and style, noting the dimensions and any additional attributes, so you can find the perfect bag for you and your little one, making outings more enjoyable and as hassle free as possible.

What to look for when choosing a baby changing bag?

We understand that searching for the right changing bag isn’t an easy task, and knowing which items to pack can be a challenge, which is why we’ve compiled a list of simple tips to help the search and ensure you have everything you need for your next outing with your little one.

  • Look for extra storage and additional pockets - A bag that contains a lot of pockets and additional storage space will ensure you won’t forget anything important, as you can dedicate each pocket to different essential items. This will also make it easy to organise all of your baby's supplies, eliminating the need to stifle through a bag when there’s a spill or accident you need to take care of.
  • Prepare everything you need to pack - This should include nappies (and spares!), nappy bags, changing bags, cream, baby wipes, toys, muslin cloths, spare clothes (for you and baby) and an extra bag to store these, as well as feeding essentials including bottles, snacks and baby food.
  • Find a bag that includes a changing mat - This isn’t essential and there are plenty of great changing bags that don’t include one, as you’ll see in our blog. But, buying a changing bag with a mat included will save you the hassle of having to buy one separately and worrying about fitting this in your changing bag.
  • Think about your preferred style - From regular baby changing bags, to upmarket, designer bags and backpacks, it’s important to choose one you’ll feel the most comfortable carrying, even when it gets heavy. A backpack will free up your hands, but a bag that can be carried over the shoulder or across your chest may be easier to take off and access on the move. There’s also a variety of bags available with clips or straps that can be attached to a pram, like the iCandy Peach Changing Bag, meaning you can avoid carrying them altogether.
  • Consider long-term use - if you want to choose a bag that’s particularly stylish, you might be able to use it for work or special occasions when your little one gets older and doesn’t need it anymore, making it an ideal bag for the long term, and, therefore, worth the potential extra cost.

What are the best baby changing bags?

The Best Baby Changing Bags of 2022

ABC Design Diaper Bag Urban - £77.90

ABC Design Changing Bag

Featuring leather-look detailing creating a smart, modern design, this changing bag from ABC Design doesn’t only lead the way in terms of style, but boasts a number of practical features. Containing a spacious main compartment ideal for storing nappies, spare clothing, and more, the bag includes plenty of room for keeping essentials. And for smaller items like snacks, the bag features extra pockets which offers the perfect solution, allowing parents to organise items into their own compartments.

Conveniently, a changing mat is also supplied with this bag, providing a hygienic base to change your infant on. And the bag wouldn’t be complete without its sleek, yet comfortable leather shoulder strap, which compliments the other leather detailing.

  • Dimensions: 38 x 19 x 31 cm
  • Additional features: changing bag, insulated bottle holder, ABC Design logo badge and front zip compartment.

Doona Nitro Black All Day Bag - £79.00

Doona Nitro Black All Day Bag

Made with the modern parent in mind, this simple changing bag from Doona offers a straightforward, convenient design, perfect for everyday use. Hygienic and spacious, the bag features a wipe-clean layout and a large interior for storing all your infants essentials. And, containing a bottle holder and changing mat, although simple, this changing bag leads the way when it comes to functionality, and features several, secure pockets that will even allow space for you to store your own essentials, with the reassurance they will stay safe throughout the day.

  • Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 15 cm
  • Additional features: quick-release Doona attachments.

Oyster 3 Changing Bag - £50.00

Oyster 3 Changing Bag

If you don’t feel like searching through lots of pockets and want a straightforward, smart changing bag for 2022, the Oyster 3 may be the perfect changing bag for you. With a compact square shape, this sleek bag features a zip, along with convenient magnetic fixings to keep items stored in its large internal pockets secure at all times. Gaining extra points for style, the bag features a stylish assortment of colours and designs, as well as classic ‘Oyster’ branding along the side, which makes it the ideal accompaniment to an Oyster 3 pushchair in a corresponding berry colourway.

  • Dimensions: 38 x 11 x 29.5 cm
  • Additional features: long shoulder strap, changing mat in a waterproof material.

Designer Baby Changing Bags

Cybex Priam Changing Bag - £154.95

Cybex Priam Changing Bag

Add a hint of style to your everyday adventures with your little one with this stylish, classy changing bag from Cybex. It’s not only on-trend, but includes six interior compartments, allowing you to stay super organised. Combined with an interior wet pocket to keep messy clothing separate from belongings, this changing bag also benefits from a large outside pouch with a zip to keep items extra safe.

The included changing pad in the Cybex Priam Changing Bag makes it easy to change your baby from just about anywhere, without having to buy one separately elsewhere. Easily attachable to the Cybex Priam stroller, the bag is incredibly straightforward to transport. But, the best part about this sleek designer changing bag is once your baby has grown, it can be doubled up and enjoyed as a stylish handbag.

  • Dimensions: H: 16.7 x W: 4.7 x D: 14.6
  • Additional features: Adjustable and removable cross body strap, removable insulated bottle holder.

Bugaboo Changing Bag - £114.95

Bugaboo Changing Bag

Another changing bag that doesn’t compromise practicality for a fashionable appearance, is this sleek accessory from Bugaboo. Crafted from premium fabric, the bag can be conveniently attached or removed from a Bugaboo pushchair without hassle.

This changing essential also includes a range of functional features that become lifesavers when out and about, including water repellent interiors, which make it straightforward to clean. And, similar to the Cybex Priam bag, the stylish Bugaboo Changing Bag can be used as a handbag once it's no longer needed for your infant. Or, alternatively, this bag’s water resistant properties and shape make it ideal for doubling up as a beach bag during summer.

  • Dimensions: 49 x 12 x 35 cm
  • Additional features: inside pockets

iCandy Peach Changing Bag - £150.00

iCandy Peach Changing Bag

Complete with a sophisticated leather finish and a stylish, compact shape, this designer changing bag from the iCandy Peach range is crafted from quality fabrics, matching with the iCandy Peach Stroller. Adding to its durability, the premium material not only looks the part but is able to withstand wherever you decide to go. Taking a slight advantage compared to the Bugaboo bag, this functional iCandy accessory includes a changing mat and an adjustable shoulder strap. But both products lead the way as recommended changing bags for 2022 at Direct4Baby, scoring high in both practicality and style.

  • Dimensions: 14 x 9 x 6 cm
  • Additional features: large zipped storage pockets, elasticated pockets on the inside.

Baby Changing Backpacks

UPPABaby Changing Backpack - £130.00

UPPABaby Changing Backpack

This chic baby changing backpack from UPPAbaby provides the ideal solution for storing all on-the-go essentials, no matter how big or small, with a main storage pocket big enough to fit a laptop! Made with quality fabric and complete with leather detailing, this sleek changing backpack allows you to head out in style, featuring numerous pockets for convenience, as well as adjustable straps enabling optimum comfort. This bag can also easily be placed onto an UPPABaby stroller to save parents from having to carry it all day. Ticking every box when it comes to practicality, this convenient backpack includes an insulated bottle case, changing pad, and water resistant material on the outside, which makes this accessory a firm favourite for the Direct4Baby team.

  • Dimensions: D14 x W29 x H38 cm
  • Additional features: stroller straps, multiple pockets, wipeable inner lining.

Bababing Sorm Changing Backpack - £59.99

Bababing Sorm Changing Backpack

A more affordable, budget friendly option, this on-trend changing backpack from Bababing cuts no corners when it comes to style. Featuring a fashion-forward design, whether you’re strolling around town or heading elsewhere, this luxurious rucksack definitely leads the way in terms of design and versatility. And, like many other changing bags in this post, the stylish appearance doesn’t override function, as this handy designer backpack can fit everything you need for a day out. But a winning feature setting it apart from others is that it’s created using waterproof rubber, making it a leading product of its kind.

  • Dimensions: 32 x 18 x 40 cm
  • Additional features: pushchair straps, changing mat, insulated bottle holder.

Egg 2 backpack - £100.00

Egg 2 backpack

Designed to go hand-in-hand with an egg2 stroller or travel system, this practical backpack features an abundance of storage space, including a large front pocket, providing plenty of room to store all the essentials you need. Ideal for parents who want a simple, straightforward bag, this no-frills backpack still offers an attractive appearance and is available in a variety of colourways, allowing you to pick your favourite or co-ordinate with the egg2 stroller.

  • Dimensions: H35 x W20 x D43 cm
  • Additional features: egg logo badge on zips and backpack, other pockets on the inside.

Best Baby Changing Bags 2022 at Direct4Baby

Whether you’re after a stylish yet practical bag or a simple backpack to see you through, we stock a range of baby changing bags that are perfect for everyday use. Accompanied by a variety of functional accessories, our bags are the ideal match for our collection of strollers.

However, if you’re still unsure on which bag to go for, browse through our complete range of baby changing bags and use the filters to compare prices, brands and bestsellers from our collection at Direct4baby.