Best All-Terrain Pushchairs & Running Buggies for 2022

When it comes to choosing a pushchair for you and your family, there are a number of factors to consider. There are the obvious priorities of style, brand and price that are high on the list of things to keep in mind while searching but, if you’re an adventurous parent, the specific demands of your lifestyle should also be considered.

If you spend your evenings and free days outdoors, exploring the wilder sides of the UK - then you need an all-terrain stroller that can go with you. Similarly, if you’re always looking for ways to keep fit with your baby, a running buggy can help you align your exercise routine with family activities. Whether you frequently find yourself struggling to push your stroller over sand at the beach, or often get caught on roots during woodland walks, an off-road pram, all-terrain stroller or jogging buggy may be the answer to your specific parenting needs.

To help you find a stroller that checks everything off your wishlist, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite all-terrain running buggy features that allow off road pushchairs to tackle every kind of obstacle. Browse through these features, showcased in our top off-road strollers and running strollers at Direct4Baby, to find the best all-terrain pushchair for your parenting lifestyle. 

What is an all terrain pushchair?

Unlike your everyday stroller, an all terrain pushchair is built to withstand specific requirements of an adventurous parent. Designed to offer increased comfort, maneuverability and protection from the outdoors, off road buggies can handle just about anything you can throw at them. Capable of tackling a wide variety of challenging terrains, from uneven cobblestone walkways and rickety old paths all the way to bumpy sand beaches, the sole purpose of an all terrain stroller is to keep both parent and child comfortable wherever your adventure takes you.

What is a running pram?

A running buggy is the perfect way to keep on top of an exercising routine. After becoming a parent, running buggies provide an easy, convenient way to take your little one along for the ride. Suitable for babies over the age of six months (provided they can hold the weight of their head without help) running strollers ensure that busy and single parents don’t need to find a sitter every time they go for a jog - just buckle them in and off you go!

Features to look out for in an all-terrain pushchair

When searching for an all-terrain pram or running stroller, there are certain areas and considerations you should focus on to ensure all of your adventuring and exercise needs will be met. From bigger wheels to a more durable chassis, ensure your pushchair is ready to take on the outdoors with our handy checklist.

      There are a few features to consider regarding the wheels of your all-terrain buggy, with size, number and material being the most important among them. Regarding size, the bigger and thicker the wheels the better, as this provides greater ground clearance and control. The number of wheels is more dependent on your specific preferences as a four-wheel pushchair is sturdier and better for tackling rough terrain, while a three-wheel stroller allows for greater manoeuvrability, particularly when it comes to running strollers. Lastly, choosing a stroller with tyres made from a sturdy material allows you to explore freely without the worry of dealing with a puncture. Joie’s collection of strollers are an excellent example of this, as the EVA foam tyres often used across popular models such as the
Joie Versatrax
    , that are made from hard-wearing foam and are completely puncture resistant.
    More durable and hard wearing than a traditional pushchair, the chassis on an all-terrain buggy needs to be ready to face the bumps and bruises of outdoor adventures without compromising the safety and comfort of your little one. If you’re looking for the best off road buggy in 2022, pay close attention to the material of the chassis to ensure it’s sturdy enough to withstand even the toughest of adventures.
    A vital element of any off-road pram, having an all round suspension system will go a long way to ensuring the comfort of your baby, particularly when tackling rough terrains such as gravel and cobblestones. Of course, this is made even more prominent when searching for a running pram, as your pram will need to absorb all bumps and dips on the road while moving at speed. Because of this, we recommend considering running strollers with 4-wheel suspension, as your little one will thank you for the additional comfort.
    When choosing an all terrain buggy in 2022, opting for a stroller made from durable, weather-proof fabrics will save a significant amount of trouble. Not only does a waterproof fabric ensure your little one stays dry, but it can also make rinsing away mud from any family adventures significantly easier. Choosing a weatherproof running pram is also a wise investment for parents who run through all seasons, as your little one gets to stay cosy and comfortable all year round.
    As with any ordinary stroller, baby accessories are often designed to improve the functionality of your stroller. With cosy footmuffs increasing the warmth of your little one in colder seasons and cleverly designed backpacks built to hold all your essentials effortlessly, make sure your all terrain pushchair is compatible with your favourite accessories. When it comes to running buggy accessories, limit your searches to prams that are compatible with essentials such as a waterproof rain cover or water bottle holder.
Travel system:
    For parents who don’t have the great outdoors on their doorstep, choosing an all terrain travel system, or an off road pushchair that is compatible with traveling necessities such as a baby car seat, is an easy way to take all the stress out of travelling with a little one.

Direct4baby’s best all-terrain buggy for 2022

What is the best off-road buggy for 2022?

If you’re looking for the best all terrain travel system then look no further than the Silver Cross Pioneer. Available at Direct4Baby in a range of bundles and colourways, including a single off road pram or all terrain travel system, the Silver Cross Pioneer offers adventurous parents a durable, hardwearing option that can handle all challenges of exploring the outdoors as a family. The travel system in particular opens up a whole new world of easy exploration to those adventurous city-dwelling parents who enjoy weekend breaks. 

Silver Cross Pioneer £820

Available either as a single stroller or as a travel system, the Silver Cross Pioneer is durable, hardwearing and can handle all the challenges of exploring the outdoors as a family. The travel system in particular opens up a whole new world of easy exploration to those adventurous city-dwelling parents who enjoy taking weekends to travel.


Travel system and accessories: At Direct4Baby, the Silver Cross Pioneer can be purchased within an 11-piece travel system bundle. This bundle includes not only the pioneer chassis, seat unit, carrycot (which is suitable from birth for those very first adventures) and the i-Size Dream car seat, but also a range of useful accessories that expand the practicality of your all-terrain stroller. From the stylish Silver Cross change bag to the cosy Pioneer seat liner, everyday outings are made much easier with a bespoke Silver Cross bundle.

Materials: The UPF50+ hood with an inbuilt ventilation panel keeps your little one protected from the sun and cool and comfortable in warmer weather. If rain isn’t likely to halt your family outings, rest assured it won’t stop your pram either, as the Silver Cross fitted rain cover is designed to keep your baby shielded from wind and rain effortlessly.

Wheels and suspension: The Silver Cross Pioneer has oversized wheels and 4-way suspension to create a smooth ride with easy ground clearance, allowing you to tackle any terrain, fully confident in the safety and comfort of your baby.

Is the iCandy peach all terrain?

Yes. The newest generation of all-terrain prams by the expert designers at iCandy, the iCandy Peach All-Terrain Pushchair, benefits from over 70 modifications that have been developed from model to model. The intelligent designs benefit both parent and baby, making the Peach pushchair ideal for those searching for a pram that can handle any type of route.


Travel System: Similar to the Silver Cross Pioneer, the iCandy Peach All-Terrain Pushchair can be purchased alone or as part of a wider travel system bundle, giving you access to a compatible Maxi Cosi Cabriofix Group 0+ Car Seat and a range of useful accessories such as a matching change bag and DuoPod.

Chassis: Among the long list of convenient and intelligent upgrades the iCandy range has seen is the Peach’s new multi-wheel functionality which enables you to convert the chassis from a three-wheel pushchair into a full four-wheel buggy. This allows you to easily adapt the stroller according to your individual parenting needs. Further convenience comes from iCandy’s easy one-hand fold and auto-lock system which ensures smooth transitions between upstanding and collapsed. This compact fold makes travelling simple as the folded chassis can be fitted easily into a standard car boot.

Wheels and suspension: Beyond having multi-wheel functionality, the iCandy tyres themselves are robust and filled with air which, when combined with the full suspension system, ensure they can tackle any terrain whilst keeping an incredibly smooth ride for both parent and baby.

Which bugaboo is best for all terrain?

Until very recently, we would have confidently asserted that the best Bugaboo all terrain pushchair was, undoubtedly, the Bugaboo Fox 2. The culmination of 20 years worth of experience and intelligent design, this off road stroller made woodland walks and beach trips effortless but, with the introduction of their brand new Bugaboo Fox 3, we must admit our answer has changed.

Offering both style and functionality to parents who can’t get enough of the great outdoors, the newest instalment of the Fox line of off road strollers has everything you need to tackle your next adventure - and then every adventure after that! Dubbed the ‘ultimate’ all terrain pushchair, the Bugaboo Fox 3 is available for pre-order at Direct4Baby in a wide range of colourways.

Materials: With a sleek and secure chassis that is built from high-quality materials that won't buckle under the challenges of a family outing, and water-repellent fabrics that are easily cleaned, every element of the Bugaboo Fox 3 pram is made to last.

Suspension: With Bugaboo’s iconic central joint suspension and built-in front wheel suspension, the Fox 3 is designed to give parent’s more control over the Bugaboo stroller than ever before, even when using one hand, ensuring a comfortable and bump-free ride for baby.

Accessories:< Beyond being an incredibly stylish pram in itself (especially with the brand new colourways which include forest green, morning pink and stormy blue) the Bugaboo Fox 3 also includes a handy rain cover and a carrycot sun canopy, which help take all the worry out of traveling on very rainy days and bright and sunny days alike.

Direct4baby’s best running buggy for 2022

If you’re seeking a slightly different, faster stroller, then having a capable and lightweight running buggy to take with you is imperative. At Direct4Baby, we have an extensive range of running strollers from top baby brands including Mountain Buggy and Baby Jogger but, to help narrow things down and show you which features really make the best running strollers, we’ve showcased our top picks below.

Is Baby Jogger City Elite for running?

An impressive all-rounder for parents who travel at all speeds, the Baby Jogger City Elite 2 is certainly functional as a running stroller - without losing any points as an everyday pushchair. Stylish, functional and comfortable for both parent and child, this jogger stroller is just one of the ways Baby Jogger has established a reputation as one of the leading baby brands for active parents.

Weight: Weighing 11.7kgs, the Baby Jogger Elite 2 running stroller strikes a great balance between classic, lightweight running strollers and functional, everyday pushchairs. If you’re an active runner, taking this weight along with you shouldn’t slow you down by much - and might even improve the effectiveness of your workout.

Wheels: Perfect for off-road adventures and super-smooth jogs, the City Elite 2 features forever-air, all-terrain and all-wheel suspension tyres. As is essential for all running prams, this model also gives you the freedom to switch between front wheel swivel and locked modes.

Travel System: Designed to suit parents who run and travel, the City Elite 2 boasts a range of features that make it an ideal travel companion. Featuring an effortless one-hand, compact folding system and auto-lock for transportation or storage, this City Elite can go further than your usual running route. At Direct4Baby, this versatile running stroller can also be bought as a bundle with a matching carrycot and, with the option to buy City Go i-Size infant car seats (or suitable adapters if you already have a car seat), there’s nowhere this buggy can’t go.

Can you jog with a Mountain Buggy Duet?

Running with two little ones in tow was never going to be an easy task, but the Mountain Buggy Duet does what it can to take off the load. In fact, with a width of only 63cm (which is the same width as a normal single buggy) and weighing an impressively light 14.7kgs, the Mountain Buggy Duet makes it feel as though you’re running with a single jogging stroller!

Wheels: Featuring the all-important option to swap between fixed or swivel wheels, the tyres on the Mountain Buggy Duet are perfect for running with. Fitted with 10" air-filled tyres, your little ones will also remain comfortable and cushioned whether you’re on a light stroll or out for a jog.

Safety: Not only does this double running buggy offer a 5-point safety harness with adjustable straps, giving both of your little ones the ultimate in comfort and safety, but the Mountain Buggy Duet also features an in-built hand control brake for slowing down and foot park brake for a smooth stop.

Accessories: At Direct4Baby, the Mountain Buggy Duet is available for purchase in a bundle which includes both the standard two seat units, as well as two carrycots, making it an accessible choice for families of all ages. If you opt for the standalone duo running buggy with seat units, you’ll still get your fair share of exciting accessories, including matching sunhoods and reversible cushioned liners for the two seat units, as well as a bottle holder which can be easily fitted to the slim, lightweight chassis -  perfect for keeping hydrated as you exercise.

Find an all-terrain stroller or running pram at Direct4baby

Ready to find a pushchair that can finally support all of your adventurous goals? At Direct4Baby, we have all terrain prams and running strollers from well respected baby brands such as iCandy, BugabooMountain Buggy and more.

Discover our full range of baby strollers and running prams for 2022 online and use our handy list of features to look out for, to help find the right stroller for you.