Autumn Safer Sleeping

As the nights begin to draw in and get cooler, it's important to help your little one snuggle down and get cosy, while staying warm safely. Keeping your child at a comfortable temperature at night will have a positive impact on their quality of sleep.

It might be tempting to cover them in lots of warm layers or crank up the heating but it is important to note that babies can't regulate their temperature in the same way that adults can. It is easy for babies to overheat which in some cases can cause risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). First of all, the recommended room temperature for a baby is between 16-20 degrees.

For many of us, this can feel a little chilly, but research shows this is the safest and most comfortable temperature for infants to sleep in.

How do I keep my child's room at a safe and comfortable temperature?

It is not recommended to have the radiator on in your baby's room overnight unless it is extremely cold, in which case you can have the heating on low. Use a thermostat to ensure the room is at a safe temperature. The Purflo Colour Changing thermometer is perfect for helping you keep your childs room at a safe temperature. The colour changes from Blue for “too cold”, Green for “just right”, Amber for “getting too warm” and Red for “too hot”.

Should I bathe my baby before bed?

Bath then bed is a lovely way to help your baby warm up, as well as being a great wind down to encourage a good night's sleep. Take a look at our selection of baby baths to keep bathing your little one nice and easy. After your baby's bath, you should dry and dress them quickly to keep them nice and warm and prevent any chills. Our selection of super soft baby towels are perfect for snuggling your little one to get them warm and dry before bed.

What Should My Baby Wear to Bed in Winter?

Babies don't have the ability to regulate their body temperature like adults do, so it is important to keep them warm, but not too warm, by adding or removing layers depending on the temperature. To best keep your baby at a comfortable temperature you should use bedding such as a baby sleeping bag. We recommend a 2.5 tog sleeping bag for winter. Never use a duvet or quilt with a sleeping bag. In fact we recommend not using duvets for babies under the age of one. You shouldn't put a hat on a baby indoors, even if it's cold. A bare head is important for regulating temperature by maintaining and releasing heat.

What Bedding Should I Choose to Keep Baby Cosy in Winter?

Baby's bedding is so important and it should be chosen with care. Baby sleeping bags and grobags are our favourites as they keep the baby cosy and there is no need for sheets and blankets that might be kicked off. These are available in different togs depending on summer or winter. On the whole a 2.5 tog is perfect for all year round use in the UK as it can be used in temperatures between 16-20°C. In winter you may want a 3.5 tog for those chilly nights when the temperature drops below 16°C. We understand the anticipation of cold weather and buying a sleeping bag to last while your ever growing baby. However it is so important that it isn't too big as your baby might slip down into the bag at night which can cause an overheating or suffocation risk.


Younger babies prefer to be swaddled to keep them cosy and secure. This is a proven way to improve the quality of sleep as it mimics the womb and helps to suppress the startle or Moro Reflex that can cause babies to wake throughout the night. Take a look at our wide selection of swaddles perfect for keeping baby toasty and safe.

How do I know if my baby is too hot or too cold?

Despite every effort it is hard to know exactly whether your baby is too hot or too cold. However, the best way to check is to put your hand on their neck or tummy and if they feel clammy they are probably too hot. Note: Babies hands and feet tend to be cold and are not an indication of their actual temperature. Never place your baby's cribs next to a radiator as this can lead to overheating and burns if they reach out and touch the radiator surface while it is on. Also do not leave the crib under a window as blind cords and long curtains present a huge risk of child strangulation.

How do I keep my Toddler Warm when Sleeping?

Although duvets are relatively safe for babies over the age of one, if you already use grobags or sleeping bags it is best to continue using these as infants tend to sleep better with what they already know. At Direct4Baby, we have sleep bags in larger sizes and winter weights for babies up to 18 months+.

Get your baby prepped for Winter with Direct4baby

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